Author name: Kevin Rohan

We survived Nanocon

We had a great time at Nanocon this weekend and we’d like to thank the Dakota State University Gaming Club for their hard work as well as Chris Sims of Wizards of the Coast, Richard Dansky of Ubisoft (and formerly of White Wolf) and Jeff Tidball, a freelance game designer, formerly of Fantasy Flight Games. […]

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Zombacalypse has been unleashed!

Silver Gryphon Games is proud to announce that our much-awaited zombie supplement book has been released. This 93 page PDF contains all the information you need to incorporate the walking dead into your campaigns, whether you use the Æther Gaming System or if you have another system that you prefer to use. Included is information

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The Daily Digest

We’re making constant improvements to the content of the site, but we don’t always post what has been improved. We’ll be more diligent and hopefully you’ll be less frustrated going forward. We are leaving the comments active for our products section entries so that you can leave quick feedback blurbs instead of writing an in-depth

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