June 2011

Beast: Pardalis

HP: 7d8 Num: 1 Spd: 4 Dam: 2d8 Def: 6 Soak: 10 CL: 8 The pardalis is a creature of beauty and refinement, a great cat whose rusty pelt is marked with pinkish rosettes like flower petals and whose golden-green eyes reveal only a quiet patience and the gleam of an almost sphinx-like intelligence. With …

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Elemental: Oorien

HP: 6d8 Num: 1 Spd: 4 Dam: 1d6 Def: 7 Soak: 4 CL: 8 Creatures composed of pearly bubbles of frozen breath suspended in one or more hovering watery rings of emerald green, the oorien travel to the physical world for two purposes: to breed, and to control. Oorien use their pearl spheres to dominate …

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