December 2012

The Two Kingdoms – Rekellia and Redami

Summerfort is based on the border of two kingdoms. The first is Rekellia, largest and longest-lived of the countries in Galtharion. The second is Redami, youngest kingdom in the world. Rekellia is the remains of a continent-spanning empire that once united Galtharion. Its culture and history are rich and full, and though its time of …

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Secrets of the Dragons

Summerfort being a border town of appreciable size has attracted a handful of scholars from the Imperial capital. These scholars hope to discover, investigate, and catalogue traces of lost civilizations. Their mandate from the Empire comes from an Imperial desire to recover weapons to use against its enemies, and so their support is dependent on …

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The Cult of Blood

The villain in A Darkness at Summerfort is a sect of the Cult of Blood. No secret there. But who are they? Why are they so ominously named? I’ll tell you.