June 2014

Æthursday – New Release!

Hey everyone! Instead of doing a random setting this week (we have a lot of them stock-piled now) we’re announcing a new release for Æther and best of all, it’s FREE! On deck for this Freebie a new race for Æther: Lizardmen! This very short PDF hits the society and culture, the appearance of the …

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Æthursday – Random Setting!

Time: Dark Ages Technology: Renaissance Technology Tone: Dark Genre: Classic Rome is gone and Byzantium is far to the East. Barbarians are pushing in over the mountains to the east and chaos is reigning in the ruins of the eternal empire. Local warlords are scrapping for what they can grab of old tribal lands. With …

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Æthursday – Random Setting

Time: Near Future Technology: Gene Tech Tone: Action Genre: Opera In the not-so-distant future, gene-tech becomes cheap and easy to work with, giving people a wide-array of medical options ranging from elective procedures to cures for genetic diseases. Cancer becomes a thing of the past. Along with that come designer genes and the quest for …

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Going forward with Ingenium and Eiridia

The Kickstarter for Ingenium Second Edition failed, but it made a very good showing before it did so. We had over one hundred backers and six thousand dollars pledged. That kind of support can’t simply be ignored, and that’s why we’re not completely ending the Ingenium line. However, we’re making some big changes.