Update on Aethermancy and the expanded focus of the new Aether

This is the first in a regular series of posts on Sunday mornings. I’ll be writing about the progress we made in the previous week and plans for the following week. For today’s update, we’re going to dive into the progress being made on Aethermancy and the new edition of Aether.

Celebrate with us as Silver Gryphon Games returns!

Three years ago, Kevin and I made the difficult decision to shut down the company. The circumstances leading to that decision were complicated, and you can read our farewell post if you want to know the specifics. Today, we formally return to full operations! A lot has changed in the intervening years. Our lives have …

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Mid-April Update

Well, it’s the middle of April and we’ve been quiet for a while. As you can see here we tweaked the classic Silver Gryphon icon just a little for the new year and we like it! We’re in the middle of a social media revamp as well as getting a few projects finished up that …

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First Æthersday of 2019

To start off the Year of Æther, we’re posting our first new Æthersday in a very long time! “The Macedonian Falcon” is a setting brief for a noir Roman Empire setting. It gives you an introduction to the area and the major players, and what technology is available. It’s available for download for free on …

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Plans for 2019: A Year of Æther

In the last post, we announced that we are leaving Savage Worlds behind and forging ahead with our own systems. Here, we’ll talk about what means for 2019. We will have at least three major releases, and all of them are for our Æther universal role-playing game. As recently as last December, we were planning …

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Departing Savage Worlds

Over the last few months, we have been going back over all the fundamentals of our business and what we, as a company, seek to accomplish. One of those fundamentals is the game systems that we support. Savage Worlds has been our staple system (outside of our own) for many years now. We began supporting …

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