September 2013


Silver Gryphon Games is proud to announce our second Kickstarter! This time around instead of doing dice, we will be doing the Æthermancy book for our Æther system! We have a ton of cool stretch goals in mind, as well as the initial goal of making the book as awesome as we can! We’re breaking …

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I’m going on an Adventure- and I need a Translation Guide Part 2

Until you start using vocabulary, you never really know if you are using it correctly. I’ve been paying attention for a while now, making lists  and picking up words here or there. It’s amazing how words that I thought I understood my whole life have taken on new meanings to me now. It’s a good thing …

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Rock and Role: Hey, where’d everybody go?

There isn’t a Rock and Role for today. We spent all weekend crunching on a huge project that will be announced later today! Please forgive this lapse in our schedule, but we promise, it’s SO worth it!

The Imperial Knights

Though Summerfort is far from the Imperial capital Shanadar, its status as a nexus of trade tends to gain the capital’s attention every so often. In the warmer months, visitors from Shanadar become  a regular occurrence. Normally, this is an Imperial Exchequer and his retinue. Given an Exchequer’s responsibility to collect taxes from those who …

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Happy Friday!

Well, it’s the first week of our new Birthday Adventure! If you want an adventure on your birthday in all three systems we support. Just hit the link, sign up (it’s free and we won’t spam you, promise!) and on your birthday, you’ll get a little something from us here at Silver Gryphon Games! The …

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The Dawnfields

Two days’ ride south of Summerfort is the beginning of the Dawnfields. This vast area of plains is thick with tall grass and deadly monsters. While the Southron Road cuts a path for travelers to take through its northern reaches, even then only the most experienced or foolhardy dare to traverse it.