October 2013

Ingenium Iconic #1: Jonas Dartherian

The first official Ingenium Iconic is now available! Jonas Dartherian, the Fierce Human Soldier, is a local to the Summerfort area. He’s a young knight errant with a powerful secret that even he is unaware of.

Happy Friday!

It’s another Friday, and it’s been a busy week at Silver Gryphon Games, so let’s get to it! We’ve been in full-blown Kickstarter mode for so long, that we’re looking forward to getting done with it, and we’re getting close to being in post-kickstarter production! That has caused some delays here in our day to …

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Iconics for Ingenium

Frequently, modern tabletop RPGs will include in their core book a set of “iconic” characters. These are used as examples of the kinds of characters you can play, but they’re also used as main characters for bits of fiction scattered about the main book(s).

Happy Friday!

This last week went so fast! We had a big week, too! We wrapped up our Kickstarter for Æthermancy, and we were successful! Again, thanks to all of our backers! We are ahead of schedule on our surveys and even our payments from Kickstarter! Kevin has been working hard on getting the document done, we’ve …

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Wellstone City Wednesday – Upstarts and Vigilantes

Freelancers and syndicate members aren’t the only game in town. There are plenty of unlicensed, under-the-radar folks that make a living keeping the streets clean. They aren’t there to make a name for themselves; they exist just to make things better. The big difference between these and Freelancers, aside from keeping things very quiet, is …

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Happy Friday!

It’s been a while since we’ve had a solid update, so where we go! We’re having a Kickstarter for Æthermancy, and we’re almost funded! Go check it out, see the updates, shoot us a question, pledge if you haven’t! We are in the last few hours of the funding process, and if you’re unfamiliar with …

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2 days left for Æthermancy!

Æther is our flag-ship product, the first system that Silver Gryphon Games put out, and it’s a Universal system. Using just a pair of percentile dice, a pencil and a character sheet, the Core Book and your imagination, you can do anything you want to. Included with the Core Book is the Wellstone City setting, and …

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